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Jonathan Egid

Jonathan Egid
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King's College London

Fellow in Research Area 4: “Literary Currencies”, September 2023 – February 2024

Jonathan Egid is a doctoral student in philosophy and comparative literature at King’s College London, writing his PhD on a 17th century Ethiopian philosopher, and the question of whether or not he existed. His research more broadly focuses on this history and historiography of philosophy in a global orientation, the philosophy of history and comparative metaphysics. He is writing a book about the Ḥatäta Zär’a Ya‛ǝqob, and has an edited volume forthcoming with de Gruyter on the same topic, in collaboration with Lea Cantor and Fasil Merawi. His essays and book reviews about philosophy, art and politics appear in the Times Literary Supplement, the New Humanist, Radical Philosophy and other venues. He also runs the interview series "Philosophising In…,", on philosophy in lesser studied languages.