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François Quiviger

François Quiviger
Image Credit: François Quiviger

Warburg Institute

Fellow in Research Area 1: "Competing Communities", November-December 2023

Francois Quiviger is a Fellow of the Warburg Institute, University of London, where he previously worked as a librarian, curator of digital resources, researcher and teacher. The main theme of his research is the history of cognition and sensation in so far as it pertains to the making and reception of images and to the relationship of humans to nature. With these questions in mind, he has written on early modern art and art theories, academies, music, wine, banqueting and festivals. Recent books include Leonardo da Vinci: self, art and nature (2019) and The Sensory World of Italian Renaissance Art (2010).

Research project at EXC Temporal Communities:

The Art of Memory and Early Modern Festival Culture