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Elvia Vasconcelos

Dorothea Schlegel Artist in Residence, Research Area 5: "Building Digital Communities", October – December 2021

Elvia Vasconcelos is a design researcher who has been working in the digital industry for the past 10 years and is currently a Doctoral candidate at the Technical University of Eindhoven, in the Department for Industrial Design. This work investigates the politics of collaboration and explores situated notions of participation as ‘being together’. In her work, Elvia has been using sketchnotes - a form of visual note taking that combines words with simple drawings - to have conversations and tell stories in simple, accessible and engaging ways. These sketches act as conversation sites that in the to and fro between people create common ground and shared meanings. Done collectively, they unfold in a continuous process of listening and exchange, where we negotiate our understanding of things together.

Research Project at EXC Temporal Communities: "Sketches as a conversation interface".