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Open Access

The term “open access” refers to the concept of making academic publications freely accessible online, across the world, without legal, technical, or financial barriers.

The “gold” route of open access refers to when an author makes their article immediately accessible on the orig­inal site of publication, thus making it freely available to other researchers from day one, whereas the “green” route refers to when an author publishes their article via a non-open access publisher or journal and addition­ally deposits an open access version in a repository.


With its policy, Freie Universität Berlin endorses the principles of the open access model and attaches great importance to the dissemination of high-quality academic publications while complying with all applicable academic standards.

The open access policy applies to all members of Freie Universität Berlin, including EXC 2020 members.

If you want to learn more about open access, please consider the suggested readings under Related Links below.


Freie Universität's open access policy and the cluster of excellence EXC 2020 recommend granting the Creative Commons CC-BY license for academic publications. CC-BY allowes you to grant the greatest possible reuse opportunities for your work and ensuring that you are credited as the author.

Dissemination via Refubium

The cluster aims to make all cluster publications as well as cluster-related publications, that have been or can be published under an open license, available in the open access repository of Freie Universität Berlin, Refubium.

What can you do to support this?

Please submit information about your publications via the provided webform. We get in touch with you for further steps.

Publications at EXC 2020