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Secondary Publication

For the purposes of visibility, availability, and long-term archiving, EXC 2020 will, whenever possible, secondary-publish all publications produced as part of the cluster's work in the FU Berlin's open access repository, Refubium.

What conditions must be fulfilled for your already published publication to be secondary published in Refubium?

Basic Conditions

  • The publication is published in a periodical, which appears at least twice a year.
  • The publication has been produced as part of the work on EXC 2020 and thus from a research activity that is at least half publicly funded.

Additional Conditions

Either (1)

  • You have already published in open access. In this case, the article can be published immediately and without restrictions.

Or (2)

  • You have not granted the publisher an exclusive right of use, but a simple right of use.

The rights of use that have been transferred can be found in your publishing contract. If you no longer know the terms of the contract, you can use the SHERPA/RoMEO database for guidance. This provides information on which publishers allow secondary publication of academic publications.

  • At least twelve months have passed since the initial publication.

If all basic conditions as well as (1) or (2) are fulfilled, then your publication can be secondary published in the Refubium!

Please inform us about all your publications via the provided webform. We will contact you for further steps.

Format of Secondary Publication

Please provide the manuscript version of the contribution for the secondray publication in Refubium. The manuscript version is the version of the paper you submitted to the publisher/journal, that has neither been reviewed nor edited!

Please indicate the source of the first publication. Indicate this as a bibliographic citation and list the corresponding DOI (Digital Object Identifier), if available.

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