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Dr. Raisa Inocêncio Ferreira Lima

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Fellow in Research Area 3: "Future Perfect", May – October 2024

Raisa Inocencio, a Brazilian scholar, earned her PhD in philosophy from the University of Toulouse (France) with her thesis: "Tell me Venus, why do they hunt women?" Throughout 2023, she actively participated in seminars held at Gaston Berger University (Senegal), Universidad San Martin (Argentina), the I Virtual Symposium of Decolonial Praxis (Riverside University, California) and the 40th anniversary mini-meeting of the Brazilian postgraduate researcher's association ANPOF (Fortaleza, Brazil). In 2022, she co-authored, alongside Karina Bidaseca, the book Lélia Gonzalez: For an Amefrican Feminism. Furthermore, she works as a translator (Ana Mendieta, A Bird from the Ocean, Nau Publisher, 2021). In addition to her academic pursuits, Raisa engages as an artist and activist, focusing on providing support to fight the enduring effects and assist in the healing of colonial wounds. As part of her activism, she organises solidarity events to raise funds for the Pataxó health project in Bahia, which receives co-financing from the Occitanie region in France. Actively involved in research communities, she contributes to groups such as Maria Carolina de Jesus (UFRJ, Brazil), Lélia Gonzalez Network (Brasilia University, Brazil) and Epistemologias del Sur (CLACSO, Argentina).