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Prof. Dr. Kevin Platt

Kevin Platt
Image Credit: Karina Sotnik

University of Pennsylvania

Fellow in Research Area 1: "Competing Communities", May 2023

Kevin Platt is Professor of Russian and East European Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. He received his BA from Amherst College (1989) and his PhD from Stanford University (1994). He has been the recipient of grants from IREX, NEH, NCEEER, Fulbright-Hays and other programmes, and was a Guggenheim Fellow in 2011–12. Dr Platt works on history and memory in Russia and Eastern Europe, Russian lyric poetry and global socialist and Russian cultures. His new book, Border Conditions: Russian-Speaking Latvians Between World Orders, is forthcoming from Cornell University/Northern Illinois University Press. Dr Platt is the author of Terror and Greatness: Ivan and Peter as Russian Myths (Cornell UP, 2011) and History in a Grotesque Key: Russian Literature and the Idea of Revolution (Stanford, 1997; Russian edition 2006). He is the editor of Global Russian Cultures (Wisconsin UP, 2018) and the co-editor (with David Brandenberger) of Epic Revisionism: Russian History and Literature as Stalinist Propaganda (Wisconsin UP, 2006). He is the organiser of “Your Language My Ear”, a periodic Russian–English poetry translation symposium that takes place at the University of Pennsylvania. He has also edited and contributed translations to a number of books of Russian poetry in English, most recently Verses on the Vanguard: Russian Poetry Today (Deep Vellum, 2021), F Letter: New Russian Feminist Poetry (Isolarii, 2020), and Orbita: The Project (Arc Publications, 2018).

Research Project at EXC Temporal Communities:

Cultural Arbitrage in the Age of Three Worlds