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Application Requirements

Applicants for a position as a research associate at the Cluster of Excellence "Temporal Communities" in combination with a PhD program at a Graduate School at Freie Universität Berlin (FSGS or GSNAS) must

  • hold a master’s degree from a program with a focus on literature, cultural studies or art history (diploma has to be submitted by September 1, 2019);
  • have very good knowledge of German and English;
  • in case of an application for an individual project, provide an exposé which presents a research project that demonstrates innovative, original and theoretically sound foundations and corresponds to the EXC 2020 research agenda;
  • identify a suitable first supervisor from the ranks of Principal Investigators of the Cluster of Excellence Temporal Communities (contacting the potential supervisor in advance is not necessary);
  • be prepared to enter a structured PhD program and to participate in an extended interdisciplinary research project.

Please also familiarize yourself with the requirements for the field in which you wish to pursue your doctoral studies, which is generally the one in which your first supervisor at Freie Universität Berlin is active.