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Orlando by Virginia Woolf

Directed by Katie Mitchell, in a version by Alice Birch. Translated from the English by Brigitte Walitzek.

Saturday, 26 October 2019, 17:00

Together with the ensemble members of the Schaubühne, Katie Mitchell examines Orlando's journey through various centuries of patriarchal human history. Her new production meticulously combines stage action and live video. First as a man, then as a woman, Orlando - played by ensemble member Jenny König - lives through four centuries of British and European history as an attentive observer of society. Orlando experiences first-hand how the political climate changes, how desire and gender roles evolve, and how desires, customs, and ideas of what is right and what is wrong are constantly changing. Ultimately, Orlando moves freely between gender roles. Orlando offers a queer story whose questions about gender and identity are highly topical a good 90 years after the publication of the literary original, and which examines with humor and lightness how man-made social images of men and women are.

The performance was followed by a panel discussion featuring Cluster members, actors and dramaturge Maja Zade.


Schaubühne Berlin

Kurfürstendamm 153

10709 Berlin