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Photo Documentation Performance „Ich bin Prinzess Anju“

In Cooperation with M.A. Photography students (University of Europe for Applied Sciences) and artist and professor Carmen Lafran

In the context of the rehearsal and the presentation of the literary dance performance “Ich bin Prinzessin Anju”, dancer and choreographer Yuko Kaseki invited the artist Carmen Lafran and the student participants of her class to join the artists for photographic documentation of the event. Lafran’s course on performativity that she is teaching at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences in Berlin invites photography students to explore the specific affordances of performance photography and to engage in their photographic practice in an artistic genre characterized by bodily movement, spatial parameters and light.

The students were invited to take photos on the occasion of the final rehearsal on November 10, 2023, in the same location as the staging on November 11, lecture hall at the basement of FU “Holzlaube”. The photo gallery that displays a small selection of each student’s series shows a broad variety of image aesthetics, choice of focus, color and light. As Carmen Lafran’s methodology intends, performance photography becomes a collaborative, hybrid project between the photographer, the performer, and the multiple aesthetic dimensions of the performance, resulting in a multifocal documentation of the performance.

We are grateful for this intermedial cooperation with the University of Europe for Applied Sciences, and we thank each of the photographers (naming?) for their copyrights.