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Panel 4: Concepts of Preserving Matter

Materials age and they age quite differently in terms of the temporal dimension and the extent of decay. But what impact does this process have on the understanding of things and objects, but also on concepts such as art, original and reconstruction or practices such as conservation and restoration? What can materials 'tell' about the history of an object, about its genesis, its treatment, its stations, its decay - to what extent do they share in its 'biography'?

7 JULY 2023

11:30-12:30 | Consistently Inconsistant: Dressing Degas' Little Dancer

Monika Wagner, Universität Hamburg
Response: Marie Hartmann, EXC TC

12:30-13:30 | Flax in Flux: Material Biography and Its Formats

Ann Sophie Lehmann, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Response: Nina Tolksdorf, EXC TC

13:30 | Closing