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Publication | Download "Mirtha Dermisache: To Be Read"


A publication was produced in conjunction with the exhibition "Mirtha Dermisache: To Be Read" and is available for download here (verlinken). It features an essay by curator Regine Ehleiter, including short texts on Mirtha Dermisache's life and work, her artists' books ("libros"), the newspaper Diario N° 1 Año 1, her collaboration with the Centro de Arte y Comunicación (CAyC) in Buenos Aires, the publication of her works Reportage (1973) in the science journal Ciencia Nueva, and Article (1975) in the first issue of the multimedia magazine Revue Axe, published by her long-term collaborator Guy Schraenen, elaborations on the subject "Asemic Writing" and Mirtha Dermisache's epistolary exchange with the French literary theorist, philosopher and writer Roland Barthes, as well as his own experiments in asemic writing.

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