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Nicolas Longinotti

Image Credit: Lorenz Becker

Former Doctoral Candidate / Research Associate, "Petrarchan Worlds"

Former Member, Research Area 1: Competing Communities

Freie Universität Berlin
EXC 2020 "Temporal Communities"
Otto-von-Simson-Straße 15
14195 Berlin

Nicolas Longinotti studied Italian Literature (Lettere moderne) at the Università degli studi di Milano. During his bachelor studies he spent two semesters at the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, where he studied Spanish and Hispano-American Literature. In 2016 he wrote his bachelor thesis about the metaphor of the stone and its literary sources in the Rerum vulgarium fragmenta by Petrarch.

As a part of his studies for his master's degree he spent two semesters at the Freie Universität Berlin and in 2019 he wrote his master thesis (Le rive il sanno, et le campagne e i boschi. Costellazioni tematiche e stilistiche nel paesaggio lirico dei RVF) about the role of the landscape in the poetry of Petrarch.

From October 2019 until 2023, he worked as a member of the EXC 2020 research project "Petrarchan Worlds" on his dissertation: "Petrarchan memories".

Former research includes an EXC 2020 doctoral research project, Petrarchan Memories (2019-2023).