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Prof. Dr. Angus Nicholls

Queen Mary University of London

Fellow in Research Area 3: "Future Perfect", May 2024

Angus Nicholls is Professor of Comparative Literature and German at Queen Mary University of London. Nicholls works at the intersections between literary studies, philosophy and other humanities disciplines such as critical theory, anthropology and psychoanalysis, and his work is mostly concerned with the German and Anglophone traditions from the late eighteenth century through to the twentieth century. His publications include Goethe’s Concept of the Daemonic: After the Ancients (2006), Thinking the Unconscious: Nineteenth-Century German Thought (co-edited with Martin Liebscher, 2010), Myth and the Human Sciences: Hans Blumenberg’s Theory of Myth (2015) and Friedrich Max Müller and the Role of Philology in Victorian Thought (co-edited with John R. Davis, 2017). He was formerly co-editor of two refereed journals: Publications of the English Goethe Society (Routledge) and History of the Human Sciences (Sage). His current focus is the early history of comparative literature in nineteenth-century German-speaking Europe.