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Conference | Framing Narratives: New Perspectives on Premodern Textual Production in Arabic

Nov 25, 2020 - Nov 27, 2020

A conference organised by Beatrice Gründler (EXC 2020, RA 3) and Johannes Stephan (FUB, "Kalīla and Dimna - AnonymClassic", ERC).

This conference invites discussions on how to theoretically engage with the concept of narrative framing in premodern Arabic literature and adjacent literary traditions. Our aim is to develop a comprehensive definition of "framing narratives" beyond a merely descriptive perspective, and to interrogate its function within textual production. This conference will be held in English.

Further updates to follow.

For more information concerning the event, please contact Simon Godart (simon.godart@fu-berlin.de), Johannes Stephan (johannes.stephan@fu-berlin.de), or Agnes Klocke (anonymclassic@geschkult.fu-berlin.de).

Time & Location

Nov 25, 2020 - Nov 27, 2020

Freie Universität Belrin
Hittorfstraße 18
14195 Berlin