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EXC 2020 Jour Fixe #2 | Panel: "What is a Global Perspective?"

Jun 24, 2022 | 02:00 PM - 04:00 PM

Organised by Till Kadritzke, Michail Leivadiotis, Friederike Schäfer and Sebastian Tränkle.

Please note: The EXC 2020 Jour Fixe is only for Cluster members.

For the second EXC 2020 Jour Fixe, we invited four current, former and future international fellows – Yuji Nawata, Burcu Alkan, Suchismito Khatua and Spyros Petritakis – to discuss the notion of "global perspectives", both in their research and their experience as scholars working in a transnational scholarly environment. Their opening statements will provide input for an open and broad discussion on the notion of the "global perspective", its theory and practice, as well as its potentials and pitfalls.

Time & Location

Jun 24, 2022 | 02:00 PM - 04:00 PM

Cluster Building
Room 00.05
Otto-von-Simson-Straße 15
14195 Berlin

Further Information

Since the Jour Fixe is planned as an in-person event, please do register in advance by Wednesday, June 22 with Till Kadritzke: till.kadritzke@fu-berlin.de.