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Research and Development Workshop with Yael Ort-Dinoor and Sophie Seita | Translating Borders, Transitions in Practice

Dec 19, 2022 - Dec 20, 2022
Workshop | Translating Borders, Transitions in Practice

Workshop | Translating Borders, Transitions in Practice

Organised by Anna Luhn (Freie Universität Berlin/EXC 2020), Research Area 4: »Literary Currencies«.

For this two-day research and development workshop, Yael Ort-Dinoor (designer, educator, farmer) and Sophie Seita (EXC 2020 Dorothea Schlegel Artist in Residence) invite other artists, writers, thinkers, and practitioners, into their experimental collaborative project around alternative models for art education and interdisciplinary practice in precarious times. They are currently developing ›Translating Borders‹ as a one-week intensive learning and making space to be held in summer 2023, in collaboration with Rupert (a public art institution and alternative education programme in Vilnius, Lithuania) for and with international artists, writers, musicians, designers, curious about other ways of thinking about how their practice (be it artistic or non-artistic or something in between) can offer forms of empowerment. Since the pandemic, the artists have been drawn to transferential and nomadic ways of thinking and making. Rethinking art institutions, expanding how and where learning takes place, as well as on who has access to communal knowledge, Translating Borders will offer an inter-disciplinary experience at the intersection of writing, design, performance, publishing, and activism. The retreat will seek to activate ideas of translation and borders through rhizomatic ways of connecting somatic, written, and visual practices.

In both this R&D workshop at FU Berlin and the longer one-week retreat next summer, participants explore methods of translation as movement across borders and media to reflect on issues of place, migration, and belonging. 

The project borrows from non-art practices, discourses, and rituals (gardening, farming, medicinal histories, migration stories, environmental care); and introduces artistic interventions to investigate and reimagine artistic practice through, for example, walking, mapping, journaling, DIY publishing, and dance. Through collective conversations, participants will create an engaged knowledge community rooted in cross-cultural and embodied making, sharing, and listening.

Time & Location

Dec 19, 2022 - Dec 20, 2022

Morning session: 11-1pm
Afternoon session: 2-5pm

Participants may join for one or both days.

Freie Universität Berlin
Exzellenzcluster "Temporal Communities"
Room 00.05
Otto-von-Simson-Straße 15
14195 Berlin

Further Information

The number of participants is limited, please register: Anna Luhn (Freie Universität Berlin), anna.luhn@fu-berlin.de