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Annual Conference | Worlds of Literature - Competing Notions of the Global

Jul 07, 2021 - Jul 09, 2021

Organised by Frank Kelleter and Miltos Pechlivanos, co-organised by Chunjie Zhang, Research Area 1: "Competing Communities"

The conference will take place online via Cisco Webex Meetings. It can be accessed via our conference portal, where you can find the programme and all relevant information. Registration is now open.

With its first annual conference, "Worlds of Literature — Competing Notions of the Global", the Cluster of Excellence "Temporal Communities: Doing Literature in a Global Perspective" turns to the question of how competing notions of the global have affected and continue to affect debates about 'world literature' and processes of transnational literary canonisation. 

The Cluster assumes that literature becomes global through its temporal entanglements. Accordingly, this first annual conference seeks to reflect and expand upon established theories of world literature by investigating spatiotemporal literary networks, their practices of communality, and their interaction with other arts and media. The conference brings together international scholars from a broad range of disciplines to discuss different historical, theoretical, and methodological framings of world literature with special regard to their competing conceptions of cosmopolitanism and globality.

Contact: annual.conference@temporal-communities.de

Conference Organisers: Frank Kelleter, Miltos Pechlivanos and Chunjie Zhang
Organisational Support: Dustin Breitenwischer and Sara Ehrentraut