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"Circus Arts and the Avant-Gardes", article published in "Zwischen Wissenschaft und Kunst"

News from Apr 27, 2020

Article in context of the Symposium "Circus and the Avant-Gardes: Multimedia Technologies and Popular Body Machines",  5-6 March 2020

Abstract: This article examines how avant-garde artists were inspired by the circus and circus aesthetics, and used them as models for novel, polarising and sophisticated works of art. As the speakers – experts from an array of academic fields, theatre makers and circus practitioners – at the first symposium on Circus and the Avant-Gardes (March 2020, Freie Universität Berlin) examined, (studying) circus and avant-garde connections contributes to a better understanding of early 20th century artistic movements, the history of popular entertainment and the cultural relevance of circus arts.

Text: Anna-Sophie Jürgens and Mirjam Hildbrand

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