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María de los Ángeles Mascioto (National University of La Plata)

María de los Ángeles Mascioto

María de los Ángeles Mascioto
Image Credit: Diego Pontorno, 2019

Fellow in Research Area 4: "Literary Currencies"

May - June 2023

Literary Currencies Between the Visuality, Advertisement and Literature in the Argentine Mass Press

This project will comparatively study the way in which the interactions between visuality, advertisement and literature affected literary circulation in three of the most important Argentine newspapers of the early 20th century (La Nación, La Prensa and La Razón). It aims to examine the inescapable role of images in media culture and the relationships between literary writing and reading, images and advertisements as part of the exchanges of Literary Currencies. The analyses will focus specifically on an advertising campaign that circulated contemporaneously in the newspapers included in the corpus, focusing on the relationship between text, image and visuality as an assemblage that takes up both strategies from popular illustrated literature and advertising strategies.

María de los Ángeles Mascioto is an Argentine researcher and teacher. She holds a PhD in Language and Literature and a specialization in Spanish as Foreign Language from the National University of La Plata and a diploma in Editing and Publishing from the Universidad Pedagógica. Her project at the cluster expands from her work as a researcher at the National Scientific and Technological Research Council (CONICET) and relates to her work as an assistant professor of Argentine Literature at the National University of La Plata.

Her published Works include "Volver sobre lo recortado: exposición y conservación en las secciones 'Museo' de Borges y Bioy Casares" (Anclajes, 2022); "Relatos de prisión/ficción: Escritura, materialidad y visualidad en el diario Crítica (1922–1933)" (Latin American Research Review, 2022), "Borges editor" (Anclajes, 2018) and "Literatura fantástica entre el diario Crítica y la editorial Sudamericana: políticas editoriales, materialidad de los textos y modos de escritura" (Revista Chilena de Literatura, 2016). 

She was invited as a lecturer for conferences organised by the Maria Curie-Sklodowska University (Poland, 2023), the ISAP Program (Germany, 2022), the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (México, 2022) and the Pontificia Universidad Javierana (Colombia, 2020).