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Dustin Breitenwischer’s Scientific Network “Kulturen ästhetischen Widerstands/Cultures of Aesthetic Resistance”, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), has launched its homepage.

News from Feb 03, 2020

EXC 2020 "Temporal Communities" Postdoctoral researcher Dr. Dustin Breitenwischer (RA 1) successfully acquired funding from the German Research Foundation (DFG) to serve as principal investigator of the Scientific Network (Wissenschaftliches Netzwerk) "Kulturen ästhetischen Widerstands / Cultures of Aesthetic Resistance" between 2019 and 2022. The network seeks to create an interdisciplinary dialogue to continue and expand existing debates about the forms, effects and deficits of aesthetic resistance. It draws on a variety of discussions about the role of the aesthetic and forms of political, cultural and social resistance in current discourses of philosophy, social sciences, cultural and literary studies. The network seeks to determine to what extent the arts and non-artistic cultural, social and political forms of expression appear aesthetically resistant. In this regard, the continuous revision of Western aesthetic premises will open up crucial questions about the possibilities of aesthetic resistance. Drawing on the idea of an aesthetic pluralism, the network develops theoretical and practical alternatives, synergies and collaborations with which an equally contemporaneous and future-oriented understanding of aesthetic resistance can be formulated. Through the cooperation of scholars from the humanities and the social sciences, the network explores new ways of dealing with the aesthetic and the powerful forces of resistant practices.