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"Copia / Kopie: Echoeffekte in der Frühen Neuzeit", the new book by Anita Traninger, Co-Director of EXC 2020, is now available from Wehrhahn Verlag

News from Mar 06, 2020

It is a widely shared view that copia, the ancient rhetorical ideal of plentiful abundance, becomes mere copying at the dawn of the age of print. Based on a re-reading of the double of Echo and Narcissus, this essay shows that copia remains a key concept in the early modern period for various forms of creative appropriation and mastery across media – from oral performance to written reproduction. Anita Traninger tells the turbulent and surprising story of Echo and copia, from Erasmus of Rotterdam to Amazon's Alexa.

For more information, please follow this link to the publisher's website: Anita Traninger, Copia / Kopie: Echoeffekte in der Frühen Neuzeit (2020)