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Registry of Publications

EXC TC aims to record and archive all publications by its members (in the form of bibliographic references and full texts) for internal and public documentation purposes. All Cluster publications as well as Cluster-related publications are continuously documented in an EXC TC Bibliography, managed with the open-source reference management software Zotero. Selective bibliographies will be made publicly available in the context of the Living Handbook of Temporal Communities (LHTC), and as part of reports for the Cluster’s advisory boards and the DFG.

  • Cluster publications are publications by EXC TC members that originate from research conducted within the Cluster and acknowledge the source of funding using the official credit as required by the DFG. Note that only publications bearing this credit count towards the Cluster’s output for the DFG.
  • Cluster-related publications are publications by EXC TC members that do not directly originate from the Cluster’s institutional context but have thematic or methodological proximity to the Cluster’s research questions.

Publications can be registered by all EXC TC members any time via an online form. Reminders are sent out at least once per year. If you would like to have access to the shared Zotero Libraries, please notify publications@temporal-communities.de.

Online form for registering publications