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Research Data Registration

In agreement with the DFG "Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Research Practice", EXC TC recognizes the importance of research data for our research processes and classifies the publication of research data as an essential part of academic publishing. To this end, EXC TC aims at archiving all kinds of research data and making publishable datasets findable and accessible, whenever legally and technically possible. For recommendations about the licensing, documentation, referencing, storage and backup of research data, please consider the suggested readings at the bottom of this page. For support, EXC TC members can also reach out to the Research Data Management Team at Freie Universität’s University Library.

Upon request, datasets generated within EXC TC research projects are indexed and/or being made available through the institutional repository of Freie Universität Berlin, the Refubium, to the extent legally permissible. EXC TC members are kindly asked to register their research datasets by using the provided online form.

Online form for registering research datasets