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Transnationality, War and Migration in Literature and Theatre (2020-2024)

Đorđe Kandić, Research Area 2: "Travelling Matters"

Doctoral Research Project

This project focusses on transgressive conjunctions of space and time in German literature and theater after World War II and in the present. It aims to describe the transnational and transcultural character of literary topologies and theatrical scenography dealing with war and migration. Another area of focus within the project are external and internal methods by which temporal concepts are modelled among these communities. As a part of this, not only will the outer processuality of acting and time-comprehension be investigated, but also the inner generation of subjective identity, especially as expressed through encounters with the Other. The project simultaneously deals with the question of how war, displacement and migration generate new concepts of world literature and world theatre, and highlights the transnational spaciotemporality of present literature and theater addressing flight and migration movements.