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(Expired) Position for a research associate (post-doc, E13 TV-L FU, 100%, 4 years) in Research Area 2: "Travelling Matters"

1 position for a postdoctoral research associate at EXC 2020 "Temporal Communities" (E13 TV-L FU, 100%) for 4 years.

Deadline: 12 April, 2021

News from Mar 15, 2021

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The postdoctoral position provides an opportunity to conduct an independent research project that makes a substantial contribution to the research agenda of the cluster. The project should address the questions and topics of Research Area (RA) 2, "Travelling Matters" and link them to the research agendas of at least one other Research Area. The project thus has a bridging function in linking the research areas of the cluster.

RA 2 explores the ways in which temporal communities are shaped and experienced in material terms. It asks how the material dimensions of different arts matter, in particular with a view to literature’s entanglements with visual arts and the performing arts and with a special focus on the way in which materiality affects the experiential aspects of art and literature. RA 2 studies how different levels of materiality and different aspects of mediality intersect, shaping and creating cultural practices and aesthetic appreciation in the artistic process, and thus contribute to constituting temporal communities.

Further information in the job advertisements of Freie Universität Berlin from 21 March 2021 under the reference code: EXC 2020 RT_B Postdoc RA 2 2021 (PDF)

Job description:

  • Development and implementation of a research project of their own within Research Area 2, "Travelling Matters" and at least one other Research Area with the aim of completing a monograph

  • Organising research cooperation within Research Area 2 and participating in the work of the second Research Area which the research project relates to
  • Contributing to the Living Handbook of Temporal Communities in close cooperation with the Editorial Board

  • A substantial contribution to the further development of the cluster’s concepts and methodology and of its international networks

  • Conceiving and organising international, interdisciplinary workshops and conferences
  • Mentoring the doctoral students of Research Area 2
  • Liaising with the Research Area’s international fellows


Doctoral thesis in literary studies or another humanities discipline


  • A track record of successful research in the fields of mediality and materiality, with a special emphasis on art history, cultural history and literary studies 

  • Research focus on the materiality and mediality of the arts (visual and performing arts, theatre, film)
  • Research interest in thing studies with a special emphasis on cultural history

  • Willingness to engage in interdisciplinary cooperation (especially between literary studies, theatre studies and art history)

  • An excellent doctoral thesis
  • Very good knowledge of both German and English (with a minimum competence in one of these languages at the level of C1 GER and the other at the level of B2 GER)

  • Open-mindedness, communicative skills and a team-oriented work attitude

Further information

Applications containing the usual documents (CV, credentials, list of publications) as well as a maximum 5-page synopsis of the planned research project may be submitted either in English or in German. The synopsis should make explicit the concrete contribution to the research agenda of the cluster and explain how the planned research project combines aspects of two or more Research Areas. Applications should contain the reference code and be sent no later than April 12th, 2021 by email to Professor Karin Gludovatz and Professor Matthias Warstat as one PDF file: ra2@temporal-communities.de.

If you plan to apply, please consult the following sites:

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