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Online Workshop | CorpoRealities: Perceptions of 'Extraordinary' Time in Literature and Comics

Jun 25, 2020 - Jun 27, 2020
This workshop will be taking place as an online conference. Advance registration is however still necessary. Please contact pathographics@fsgs.fu-berlin.de to reserve a space (deadline: 15 June 2020).

CorpoRealities is a joint event of the AG Comicforschung and the PathoGraphics research project at Freie Universität Berlin, located at the Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School of Literary Studies. Funding comes from the Einstein Foundation Berlin and the Cluster of Excellence 2020 "Temporal Communities: Doing Literature in a Global Perspective".

Literature and comics are each in their own specific ways 'temporal arts', unfolding sequences of action, collapsing or contrasting story time and discourse time, and representing temporal sequences in narrative or visual-spatial ways. Both media can deviate from chronological time and work with flashbacks and flashforwards, fragmentation, thus evoking, for instance, the layering of time and simultaneity. When representing experiences of 'otherness' due to illness and/or disability, perceptions of time that deviate from normal chronometry gain center stage: in the face of unexpected physical or psychic changes, subjective time may stretch or contract, bring one's past and present into aggressive collision or cast a spotlight on mortality itself.

This workshop focusses on the ways in which literature and comics represent the specific sense of time that comes along with corporeal experiences. How do the two media show or tell such 'extraordinary' time and what are their aesthetic, individual and sociopolitical repercussions?

Time & Location

Jun 25, 2020 - Jun 27, 2020

Online streaming via Webex. Further details and instructions regarding the technical format of the conference will be emailed to registered participants.