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Workshop | Tschižewskij/Чижевський/Чижевский/Čyževskyj. The Multiple Receptions of a Ukrainian Scholar in European Contexts

Dec 05, 2022 | 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Organised by Susanne Frank, Research Area 1: "Competing Communities", project "(Post-)Soviet Literary Cosmopolis" and Galina Babak, Fellow at EXC 2020 in Research Area 1: "Competing Communities".

The workshop aims to compare for the first time the completely different lines of reception of one of the most prominent historians of Ukrainian and Slavic literatures in his homeland, in the countries of Eastern Europe, in West Germany, and in the United States, and to examine his influence on the development of various approaches to the study of literary history in different regions and competing scientific communities, and to revisit his theses in an interdisciplinary and broader European context.

Participants: Renate Lachmann, Igor' Smirnov, Andrij Portnov, Roman Mnich, Oksana Blashkiv, Lisa Landenberger, Olena Haleta, Nadia Grigorieva, Galina Babak, Susanne Frank


09:00-09:30 | Susanne Frank: Questions of point of view. Some introductory remarks

09:30-10:00 | Renate Lachmann: "Dmytro Chyzhevsky's baroque studies"

10:00-10:30 | Discussion & Coffee break

10:30-11:00 | Galina Babak: "Dmytro Chyzhevsky and the problem of continuity of knowledge"

11:00-11:30 | Tomáš Glanc: "Convergences, divergences, affinities and aversions: Jakobson, Čyževskyj and their strategies of thought"

11:30-12:00 | Discussion & Coffee break

12:00-12:30 | Roman Mnich: "Dmitriy Tschižewskij in Deutschland: Zwischen ukrainischen Emigranten und deutschen Intellektuellen"

12:30-13:00 | Andrij Portnov: "Dmytro Chyzhevsky and Viktor Petrov: Two Histories of Emigre Intellectuals in post-war Germany"

13:00-13:30 | Lisa Landenberger: "Dmytro Chyzhevsky's Ukrainian essay 'Questions regarding the Periodization of New Philosophy' - A Commentary"

13:30-15:30 | Discussion & Lunch break

15:30-16:00 | Olena Haleta: "The idea of 'incomplete' literature of Dmytro Chyzhevsky in the context of Ukrainian literary studies"

16:00-16:30 | Igor‘ P. Smirnov: "Эпохальная история литературы в освещении Д.И. Чижевского ("Outline of Comparative Slavic Literatures", 1952)"

16:30-17:00 | Discussion & Coffee break

17:00-17:30 | Oksana Blashkiv: "Czech and Slovak Reception of Dmytro Čyževskyj's Academic Heritage"

17:30-18:00 | Nadezhda Grigor’eva: "Демонология и антропология в статьях Д. Чижевского о Гоголе и Достоевском"

18:00-19:00 | Discussion

Time & Location

Dec 05, 2022 | 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Institut für Slawistik
Raum 5.57
Dorotheenstr. 65
10117 Berlin

Further Information

Working languages: English, German, Russian and Ukrainian