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New publication: Resistant archival practices in Black diasporic arts and media across the Americas

Cover of "Amerikastudien / American Studies", Volume 67.2 (2022)

Cover of "Amerikastudien / American Studies", Volume 67.2 (2022)
Image Credit: © Universitätsverlag Winter, Heidelberg

News from Jul 14, 2022

The latest special issue of Amerikastudien / American Studies, guest edited by EXC 2020 members Dustin Breitenwischer, Jasmin Wrobel and Robert F. Reid-Pharr, brings together artists and scholars from various disciplines to discuss visual archives that decidedly resist established canons and archives of Black American imagery and biased imaginations of Blackness as part of the cultural legacies of slavery and colonization. The contributions cover a wide array of works that engage in constituting, shaping, and changing archives of resistance, from comic books and visual albums to children’s magazines and social media. The discussed forms and modes of archiving challenge traditional understandings and practices of the archive as a socially, politically, and aesthetically violent form of constructing hegemonic imageries, narratives, and historiographies.

The open access journal, entitled “Archives of Resistance: Picturing the Black Americas”, is available via https://amst.winter-verlag.de/issue/AMST/2022/2.

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