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Publication: L’altra antichità. Autorità e testualità nella letteratura della prima età moderna. The Other Antiquity. Authorship and Textuality in Early Modern Literature

News from Sep 26, 2022

This anthology is the result of the conference The 'Other' Antiquity in the Early Modern Literature in Italy and France. Authorship and Textuality, which was held online from 5 to 6 November 2020 and was organised in cooperation with the EXC 2020. Edited by EXC 2020 member Bernhard Huss and Irene Fantappiè, the different essays seek to contribute to a more nuanced understanding of the role and presence of antiquity in Italian literary works of the early modern period, with a focus on the 16th and early 17th century.

The publication can be found here.

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