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Time Travelled: The Alexander Romance and Generative Temporality. (2021-)

Kendrick Rowan, Research Area 3: "Future Perfect"
Doctoral Research Project

This project is concerned with the generative nature of the Alexander legend. As such, it is especially interested in texts inspired by the Alexander Romance, a text teeming with fantasy, making it fertile ground for reshaping temporal concerns within different cultural contexts. From ancient epic to contemporary novel, Alexander remains a transcultural node where different temporalities meet and become entangled. In my research, I trace these temporalities and their entanglements and thus the specific notions of the global that Alexander the Great has become associated with. As different communities take the Alexander legend up for their own imperial purposes it is reworked, giving birth to new fictions and temporalities. The myth of Alexander thus participates in multiple temporalities within varied communities over a wide expanse of time.