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"Letters to Berlin" – Results of the EXC TC Writing Lab "Arabic Literature in Berlin" out now

News from Dec 05, 2022

Letters to Berlin is the result of the Writing Lab "Arabic Literature in Berlin" that took place in the summer term 2022 and was co-organised by EXC TC member Prof. Dr. Islam Dayeh and the Egyptian Berlin-based writer Haytham El-Wardany. The workshop involved students of Freie Universität Berlin from different study programmes. As part of the writing exercises conducted during the workshop, participants were asked to write fictional letters in Arabic to the city of Berlin as a city of migration and linguistic plurality. The letters – written in Arabic – speak to the participants’ diverse experiences in and with the city of Berlin. Authors include Sari Chreiteh (Lebanon), Isabelle Felenda (Germany), Asmaa Essakouti (Morocco), Nada Nabil (Egypt) and Oualid El Khattabi (Morocco).

The publication can be found online: http://boringbooks.net/2022/10/letters-to-berlin.html

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