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Histories of the Modern Greek Book and its Enlightened Medialities: 1790–1830 (2022-)

Elena Patrika, Research Area 1: "Competing Communities"
Doctoral Research Project

The project will examine the communicative techniques and practices through which the printed Greek book from the most intensive phase of modern Greek Enlightenment (1790–1830) functioned and was received as an enlightened and enlightening medium.

To what extent the enlightened and the anti-Enlightenment communities competed on the level of communicative medialities and praxeologies will be further investigated, confirming "the simultaneity of the non-simultaneous". Since they both shared a common present while borrowing knowledge and traditions from their past, and at the same time competing for the future of Greece, their trans-temporality will be at stake.

The project will finally show how enlightened communicative techniques in the Greek example were the result of a transformation/appropriation of their European and American counterparts on the threshold of 19th-century modernity.