Projects Research Area 1

(Post-)Soviet Cosmopolis (2020-)

"(Post-)Soviet Cosmopolis" approaches the challenging task of theoretically developing and applying the EXC 2020’s concept of temporal literary communities to the situation that emerged when Soviet cultural politics laid claim to global cultural dominance. While Soviet value system was engaged in constant competition with the capitalist world, pre- and post-Soviet literary communities are understood as specific cases of literature in imperial and post-imperial contexts. An integral focus on the history of more or less violent constructions and (post)Soviet reconstructions of "national" literatures must necessarily account for recent discussions of (post)Soviet literatures from the perspectives of postcolonial studies, decolonial studies and world system theories.

Petrarchan Worlds (2019-)

“Petrarchan Worlds” scrutinises com­peting appropriations of Petrarchan modes of expression from the early modern period to modernity. The project will thus reconstruct a transnational and transtemporal community, taking into account the issues of power deriving from Petrarchism’s changing political con­texts, but also the specific gen­dered­ness of Petrarchan poetic styles.

"Gu ta gutarrak": Lexical-Visual Arsenals of German, Spanish, Basque, Catalan and Galician National Populism (2019-)

Drawing on an interdisciplinary methodology and bringing together approaches from the political sciences, art history, iconography, gender studies and linguistics, Miguel Rivas Venegas's research project at EXC 2020 is dedicated to the investigation of nationalist rhetoric and language use – metaphor, resignifications, political neologisms – in two specific political and geographical communities: Spain and its 'peripheral nationalisms' of Galicia, Catalonia and the Basque Country; and Germany and the palpable growth of the so-called Identitäre Bewegungen.

Petrarchan Memories (2019-)

Doctoral Research Project of Nicolas Longinotti
Drawing from the analysis of lyrical vernacular texts, the project "Petrarchan Memories" aims to, (1) investigate the arguments that accompanied the process by which Petrarca’s notions of language and love were established in fifteenth and sixteenth century literature, and (2) expose the complexity of relations and developments within Petrarchan literary communities.