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Translation and/vs. Translingualism: Literary Practice and Reflection in the Context of Late- and Post-Soviet Multinationality (2020-2021)

Niovi Zampouka, Research Area 1: "Competing Communities"
Associated Research Project

At the interface of translation studies, comparative literature and Slavic studies the project explores the relationship between translation, ideology and power as a means of production and reception of world literature based on fictions of translation and translingualism of the late- and post-Soviet period. Due to their reference to various aspects of the Soviet concept of world literature and translation and the de-/re-canonization, transformation and allegorization of its narratives and modi operandi, translation-related fiction forms a metapoetics that on the one hand reflects politics of literature and translation and on the other hand unfolds and exemplifies the metaphorizing potential of translation in the field of tension between politics and aesthetics. The aim of the project is to elaborate different facets of this topic using translatio as an analytical tool for the multi-layered translation processes that unfold in literary negotiations as well as in inter-, para- and extratextual strategies and phenomena of the literary scene.