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Keynote Presentation | Alan Ang (Wikimedia Deutschland): Wikidata and Wikibase Roadmaps for Development

Wikibase is the open-source software suite that enables MediaWiki to store structured data or access data that is stored in a structured data repository in RDF format. Since 2012, it has been used to establish Wikidata as a high-scale knowledge graph and a central hub in the Linked Open Data web. For developing the software Wikimedia Deutschland functions as a code steward who sets out the strategic focus for both Wikidata and Wikibase in relation to its Linked Open Data Strategy and organizes the software development process.

After a short introduction to Wikibase and Wikidata Alan Ang presented and discussed on June 2nd, 2022 the roadmaps for development and share some use cases from research projects already using Wikibase for knowledge graph creation and research data management.