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Projects Research Area 5

The Living Handbook of Temporal Communities (LHTC) (2019-)

Research Area 5 develops the "Living Handbook of Temporal Communities" (LHTC), an open access publication that serves as a point of reference for the Cluster's research methodology and terminology, and provides a platform for the EXC 2020 community that emerges both locally and globally.

Serendipity: Literary Connectivity on Digital Terms (2019-)

As an exploratory project in Research Area 5, the project pursues two axes of inquiry: it will (re-)construct the communities that feed into, inform and underwrite Horace Walpole’s coinage of ‘serendipity’. At the same time and on a systematic level, the project will discuss ‘serendipity’ as a possible concept for conceiving of literary history as a history of transtemporal and transnational relations.

The Global Reception of Nikos Kazantzakis (1946–1988) (2019-)

How did Kazantzakis become such a famous novelist worldwide? The phenomenon of Kazantzakis’s global reception is approached in praxeological terms, focusing on acts and actors that were involved in building and interrelating communities with potentially global capacities not only to distribute but also to contextually frame his works.

In the Mirror of "Pagan" Dance: North American Indigenous Dance and the Quest for European Origins (2019-)

Through the project In the Mirror of "Pagan" Dance, complexes of textual influence, embodied practice, and material relations are investigated in a project tracing concepts of 'pagan dance' from the early modern period through the 20th century that shared in a vision 'pagan' primitivism.