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Workshop | Literatur im Wikiversum – Eine praktische Annäherung über API-Abfragen und Wikipedia-Metriken

Organised by Viktor J. IllmerBart Soethaert, Lilly Welz, Frank Fischer, and Robert Jäschke.
Tuesday, 27 February 2024

The collaboratively edited online encyclopaedia Wikipedia currently contains over 60 million articles in over 300 language editions, covering topics across many fields of knowledge. Scholars of reception-oriented literary studies have also discovered Wikipedia as a research topic and a data resource, as it collects encyclopaedic entries and metadata about literature, authors, literary works, genres, periods and other categories relevant to the history of literature.

Data-analytical evaluation of various Wikipedia metrics opens up an opportunity to empirically assess engagement with literature on Wikipedia and to further diversify statements about literary canonisation, valuation practices and popularity in the context of open encyclopaedia projects. This Jupyter notebook, developed in Research Area 5 "Building Digital Communities" of the Cluster of Excellence "Temporal Communities", is a user-friendly tool for retrieving and visualising article-level data from Wikipedia.