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Extended Audiences (2019-2022)

"Extended Audiences" will investigate the ways in which performances are seminal for the formation of temporal communities that both emerge from and transcend co-present theatrical communities. Issues of performance and audience involvement always have a temporal dimension; ephemeral as the moment of a recital or performance may seem, an audience’s engagement with the literary experience outlasts the actual event. We will investigate how the limited temporal and spatial experience of a reading or performance is transformed as the per­for­mance’s original confines are extended. Processes like these constitute temporal communi­ties of their own, involving not only the original audience and performers, but also people overhearing conversations in a city square, reading about the event in a court circular, seeing a photograph on Instagram, or watching a video on YouTube. Within such a chain of material and communicative transformations, continuity and discontinuity, presence and absence enter relations of enduring tension. While performances may, indeed, be ephemeral, their reception is capable of triggering long-term entanglements that resonate through space and time.


Extended Audiences: Audience Performances and Public in Transition (2019-2023)

Doctoral Research Project
Kai Padberg

Viral Theatres: Performing Post/Pandemic Culture in the Anthropocene (2020-2022)

Associated Research Project
Dr. Ramona Mosse